Oberägeri, 30.06.2020

Motorcyclist crashes on the Ratenstrasse

A motorcyclist crashed on the Ratenstrasse. The man was seriously injured was and flown to hospital by the Rega.

According to the press release of the Zug law enforcement authorities, the accident occurred shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, June 28, 2020. A 32-year-old motorbike rider was riding along the Ratenstrasse in Oberägeri, in the direction of Raten. At Brämenegg, the 32-year-old lost control of his motorcycle in a bend and crashed down the right-hand side of the meadow. The driver thereby sustained significant injuries. After the first medical treatment by the ambulance service Zug, the man was rescued with the help of the fire brigade Oberägeri and finally flown to a hospital in a neighbouring canton by the Rega helicopter.

The rescue helicopter in action in Oberägeri.

Members of the Oberägeri fire brigade, the Zug ambulance service, the Rega, a private towing company and the Zug police were on duty.