Cham / Baar, 24.11.2022

More space in schools and a revised municipal byelaw

The Städtli temporary school building in Cham should create more space for schoolchildren, and is being built at a cost of CHF 15.6 million. People In Baar will vote on the total revision of the municipal byelaws.

The Cham electorate already approved the project credit in February with 82%, and they are now to decide on the construction loan: Next Sunday, the people of Cham will be asked to vote for a building  loan of CHF 15.6 million for the provisional school building in Städtli.

The municipal council is pursuing several goals with the construction of the temporary school building Städtli, as it writes in the voting brochure (Abstimmungsbroschüre). On the one hand, urgently needed school space will be created close to an area of population growth in order to reduce overcrowding and to absorb the increase in the number of pupils associated with population growth in the next few years. "On the other hand, planning leeway will be created in order to advance medium- to long-term school space planning in a considered and broad-based manner," says the voting brochure.

The people of Cham will be asked to vote next weekend.                 Symbolic image: Matthias Jurt

The CHF 15.6 million building consists of a ground floor and two upper floors, which means that around 160 pupils can be taught in this temporary building in the future. There will be two kindergarten classes, six primary school classes, one special class and the day care programme for the modular day school.

New municipal byelaw would give competence to the municipal council
A municipal vote is also taking place in Baar. The electorate will vote on the new municipal byelaw that will regulate political responsibilities and competences. One of the most important changes to be adopted is the financial competence of the municipal council. According to this, the municipal council should be able to acquire land up to a price of CHF 3 million in the future without having to seek the consent of the voters.

In an earlier motion, the SP (Socialist party) had demanded that the municipal council should be able to acquire land worth CHF 5 million on its own authority in the future. The municipal council decided against this, however, as the rights of the sovereign and the electorate are important to the municipal council, as Walter Lipp was quoted in a media release.

The SVP (right-wing Swiss People’s party) is not in favour of increasing the financial powers of the municipal council. This shift of financial competences from the sovereign to the municipal council was thereby rejected by the SVP Baar. "It’s not acceptable that the co-determination rights of the voters and the municipal assembly should be unnecessarily weakened," writes the SVP in a press release.

The FDP (Liberal democratic party), which also rejects the new municipal byelaws, has a similar opinion. The financial powers of the municipal council should not be increased, because this would weaken the participation of the population for no comprehensible reason, as the party writes in a statement.