Central Switzerland, 04.12.2019

Märlisunntig in Zug

The Zug Märlisunntig (fairy tale Sunday) will take place for the 36th time on Sunday, 8 December. stories are told or played out in 32 Märlistuben (fairy tale rooms).

The Zuger Märlisunntig association invites you once again to an enchanted afternoon full of stories: The Zug Marlisunntig, which is so far unique in Switzerland, will take place in the traffic-free area of the historic old town of Zug from 2 to 6 pm on Sunday, 8 December. Many visitors from the region and the surrounding cantons are expected, all wanting to be caught up in the magic of the afternoon.

"Märlin", the Märlisunntig-gnome, will be out and about in the Old Town, together with fairies, witches, jugglers and storytellers from the world of fairy stories. "Children can immerse themselves in dream worlds for an afternoon, be carried away on nostalgic carousel horses or ride through the streets of Zug in carriages," write the organisers in a statement. Exciting and imaginative stories will be told in the 32 Märlistuben.

The fairy tale "Bremer City Musicians" was told In the Zug Library last year, with accompaniment from the Stadtmusik (city music band).

Barrel organs can also to be heard, while non-profit organisations invite you to stroll around the bazaar on the Landsgemeindeplatz, where there are also pony rides and make-up and photo booths. Other attractions such as petting zoo, clowning, balloon artists and Samichläuse (Father Christma/Santa Claus figures) complete the range of attractions. From 5.30 pm onwards, the Santa Clauses will ring out the Märlisunntig together with the Trychlen (cow bells), Geisselchlöpfern (ghost whips) and fairy tale figures on the Landsgemeindeplatz, before enjoying a fireworks display.

More information about the Märlisunntig can be found on www.maerlisunntig.ch.