Baar/City of Zug, 07.12.2023

Lorry leaks 200 litres of diesel

On Wednesday morning, a lorry with a hole in its tank contaminated numerous roads in Baar and Zug. A car driver then crashed on the slippery roads.

On Wednesday morning, a lorry leaked a total of around 200 litres of diesel from a fuel tank in the municipalities of Baar and Zug, contaminating roads and the sewage unnoticed system. According to the police, the diesel spilled onto the road through an unnoticed hole in the tank.

The 21-year-old driver was on his way to a building site. He drove from Sihlbrugg through the Hegiwald forest and via Baar to the Zugerbergstrasse in the town of Zug.

Numerous roads in the municipalities of Baar and Zug were contaminated
A total of 200 litres of diesel spilled onto the road.
An oil barrier was erected in Lake Zug as a precautionary measure.
The car involved in the accident was damaged to the tune of several thousand Swiss francs

Photo: Zug police

An oil suction machine was used to clean the road. As fuel had leaked into the sewerage system, which was inspected by the Zug and Baar fire services, a private company was called in to pump out the road manholes. In addition, an oil barrier was set up at the confluence of the Fridbach stream and Lake Zug as a precautionary measure.

The fuel spill on the roads led to slippery roads in places. According to the police, this caused a 59-year-old woman to have an accident on the Ägeristrasse near the Weinbergstrasse. She lost control of the car, crashed into a crash barrier, with the car spinning on its own axis. She thereby suffered minor injuries.

The exact cause of the hole in the petrol tank is now the subject of further investigations.