Travel, 20.07.2021

Long queues on the Gotthard (again!)

Drivers who want to travel south will have to exercise some patience. Due to traffic jams on the Gotthard, there were waiting times of up to one hour and 40 minutes on Monday.

It's the same spectacle every year: the summer holidays begin and hordes of holidaymakers are drawn to the south. The Gotthard tunnel then acts as the eye of a needle, resulting in long traffic jams. A lot of patience was also required at the beginning of this week.

An annual ritual of the summer holidays: traffic jams on the Gotthard.

On Monday morning, motorists had to expect eleven kilometres of traffic jams between Erstfeld and Göschenen on the A2 towards the Gotthard Tunnel,. As the Touring club Switzerland (TCS) announced on Twitter, the time loss is currently up to one hour and 40 minutes. The TCS therefore recommends using the alternative route via the A13 San Bernardino Tunnel.