Cham, 07.12.2023

Llamas snuggle up with senior citizens

Giorgio and Sirius paid a visit to senior citizens in Cham. The two unusual guests provided some heart-warming moments at the Büel retirement centre.

‘Giorgio’ and ‘Sirius’ are the names of the two visitors who dropped by the Büel retirement centre in Cham in mid-November. But anyone who thinks they could be the son and grandson of one of the residents is way off the mark.

Some impressions of the visit of the llamas to the Büel retirement centre                 Photos: Sabrina Bösiger

Giorgio and Sirius only remotely resemble the normally two-legged visitors, as the two are fully grown llamas, and have been specially trained in dealing with humans.

They therefore have no fear of contact, as the retirement centre confirms, and the ice was quickly broken between the fluffy animals and the senior citizens, who cuddled and stroked them. The photos give an idea of the joy the animals brought to the retirement centre. Managing Director Diana Brand writes in the press release: "The joy of the residents was incredible! They were all fearless and approached the animals in a completely relaxed manner."

The llamas belong to Tanja Burkolter from the company Amalana.
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