Huenenberg, 17.05.2019

Lindenpark old people's home celebrates its tenth anniversary

The Lindenpark old people’s home in Hünenberg, the most recently established of all such homes in the canton, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.

Anyone approaching the home at present cannot fail to miss the decorations hanging up in preparation for the festivities.




When Rahel Hug, the journalist who wrote this article, went into the home’s restaurant, she noticed the relaxed atmosphere there, with Margrit Lötscher, the warden of the home (in the centre in the photograph), chatting to the residents. One major topic of conversation, of course, was the preparations for a day of festivities this coming Saturday.


The home, with its 35 beds with care service and 16 apartments, actually opened in 2009. In addition to it being the most recently opened of all such homes in the canton, it is also the smallest. Of note, too, is that the foundation which runs it also has 17 other apartments at a nearby facility.


Lötscher herself has been there since the beginning, running a team of 75 professionals and volunteers in all. They are all clearly doing a very good job, as resident Sylvia Siegrist mentioned how living there was like being one big family with the quality of care very good. “What I like about it is that Mrs Lötscher comes round with a cheerful “good morning” every day,” said Nelly Röllin. Indeed, all those present that day said how much they enjoyed being there, whether playing cards, knitting or cooking together.


At present preparations for Saturday are under way with purses, scarves and mats being crocheted, chickens carved out of wood, all to be sold at the stalls. Young people, too, have been involved, local school children having put up the afore-mentioned decorations. As Lötscher herself said, it is part of the home’s philosophy that others are engaged.


One special project the residents have been working on has been a cookery book which they have put together with no fewer than 31 recipes. And copies of these will be on sale on Saturday. Some of these include those for steamed noodles with yeast, cherry purée, a cheese leak and apple cake, and an old traditional dish made of potatoes, pears and bacon.


The festivities at number 1 Lindenpark start at 9am on Saturday 18 May and continue until 4pm, with tours of the home available, too. Of course, there will be no shortage of good things to eat and drink, with musical entertainment provided, too. One other highlight is that, at 2pm, children in traditional costume will be making an appearance.