Zug, 25.07.2019

Leader of recently launched Parat party hopes for seat in Council of States


The leader of a new political party, Stefan Thöni of Steinhausen, has announced he is to stand for election to the council of States in Bern this autumn.


The new political party is called “Parat” (prepared) and stands for rational politics, general human rights and participation, its main goals being the freedom of the individual, economic and political involvement, and protection of the environment.


This new party was founded only this week, on Monday 22 July, from what was the Pirate Party, one major difference being that the Parat party wants to take a stance on, and find solutions to, all current political problems.


In a press statement, Thöni said, “We want to offer voters comprehensive solutions with rational policies based on facts and logic, rather than fear and uncertainty; hence we are focusing on human rights and basic freedoms based on three columns, namely freedom rather than paternalism imposed by the state or companies, freedom through participation in prosperity, and the securing of freedom through climate protection.


In particular, the new party lays great emphasis on democratic participation and on transparency in all state matters and those involved in them, in addition to the fair treatment of all people involved in cases relating to the rule of law.


As to where Parat stands on forthcoming referendums, the party advocates support for more affordable homes and for homophobic discrimination to be punishable by law.