Switzerland, 25.04.2020

Latest figures regarding Corona virus

As published by Swissinfo.com

Switzerland is set to ease unprecedented Covid-19 restrictions in a bid to avoid further damage to the economy. This is where things stand and the latest on the measures in place.

As at April 25,
Number of positive Corona virus tests in Switzerland:          28,488
Number of Corona virus deaths in Switzerland:                        1,588

Current figures for Canton Zug (as at 9.00 a.m. 25 April 2020)
Infected persons:         181
Recovered persons.     133
Deaths:                             8

A nursing assistant looks after a Covid-19 survivor at a retirement home in Chateau-d'Oex, Switzerland. 

How does Switzerland plan to ease the coronavirus lockdown?

The federal government announced on April 16 an easing in three steps of measures aimed at combatting the pandemic. The deliberate approach to loosening the lockdown is based on recommendations from experts and the weighing of a number of factors, the government said, including the need to continue protecting the public, particularly those at high risk, and the economic benefits of a gradual lifting of measures.   

In the first phase, which will begin on April 27, hair salons, physiotherapists, hospital outpatient services, medical and dental offices, florists, DIY shops and garden centres will re-open with precautionary measures in place. This may include wearing protective face masks. 

Measures that currently restrict funeral services to immediate family will also be lifted during this phase. However, a plan to allow supermarkets to sell non-essential items has been put off until May 11, following a storm of protest from small businesses.

Two days after this first phase is slated to begin, the government will make a decision on whether to proceed with the second phase, which would begin on May 11. Schools for children of compulsory-school age would re-open, along with all shops and markets. 

A third phase would start on June 8 and see the re-opening of upper secondary and vocational schools, plus universities and other higher education institutions. Further decisions on this phase, including the possible lifting of bans on entertainment and leisure facilities, such as museums and libraries, will be taken at the end of May. 

The government will decide at a future sitting of the Federal Council when to allow large-scale events to take place again.

To protect staff during the phase-out of lockdown measures, employers must allow those at especially high risk to work from home or adapt the work environment and procedures. High-risk persons can also refuse to work if they consider the risk to be too high and are entitled to leave with pay.