Zug, 09.04.2024

Last stop for the EV Zug ice hockey team is the semi-final

The ZSC Lions won the fourth game 0:2 away from home in the BOSSARD Arena, and thereby advance to the playoff final! The season is thereby over for EV Zug, who lost its fourth game in the play-off semi-final series against the ZSC Lions.

The EVZ are now out of the competition, and can start their summer holidays. The ZSC Lions on the other hand, with their fourth win in a row, are now in the playoff final and are waiting for their opponent. The score in the other semi-final series is currently 1:3 in favour of Lausanne, which means that ZSC will certainly get a break for a few days. The final series starts on Tuesday, 16 April.

EVZ failed to respond in the final period. The team from Central Switzerland did everything they could to prevent the end of the season, but luck was not on their side today. After Hrubec hit Allenspach in the face while defending in the 50th minute, Zug were allowed to try again for two minutes in overtime. The two outnumbered teams produced several high-calibre chances in a row, but neither Michaelis and Wingerli in the first minute of overtime, nor Kovar or Hansson in the second, were able to score the equaliser. Hansson's hammer shot from distance was saved by the crossbar. Tangnes finally replaced Genoni with a sixth outfield player for the last two minutes, but that didn't help either. A few seconds before time ran out, Martschini hammered the puck against the edge of the goal, but the goal just wouldn't come. And then it was over!

The EVZ hockey team lose their 4th game in the semi-final
Best player Reto Suri 
  Photos: EVZ

The ZSC Lions thereby advance to the final after their second consecutive sweep and send the EVZ on holiday. At the same time, the great career of Reto Suri comes to an end as he hangs up his skates.

Best Players
Tonight's best players were honoured. Reto Suri receives this honour for the EVZ, and his active hockey career ends today. For the Zurich team, Simon Hrubec was honoured as the best player of the evening.

The end of this game also marks the end of a great hockey career. After 852 NLA games, Reto Suri ends his active career.