Aegeri, 21.07.2021

Joint clean-up campaign in and around Lake Ägeri

A lake and valley clean-up campaign is to be carried out in the Ägeri Valley in the autumn. Volunteers are still being sought, and anyone who feels like it can help.

PET bottles, cans, plastic, but also shoes, grill grates or tyres: over the years, a lot of waste has accumulated in Lake Ägeri. To ensure that the water retains its reputation as one of the cleanest lakes in Switzerland, a lake and valley clean-up event will be organised on 23 October – for the first time in three years. "The Ägeri valley and the lake are becoming increasingly stressed by our leisure activities and our way of life," explains Patrick Iten, President of the Organising Committee. "It's not just about the lake, but also about the garbage that is washed up on the shore by wind and weather and that remains there at popular places on the lake."

Volunteers are still being sought. "Anyone who feels fit to collect waste for a morning along the lake and in various other places can take part," says Patrick Iten. Children are also welcome if accompanied by adults. "The ‘Putzete’ (clean-up) will only be cancelled case of storms and heavy rain," he adds. You need to have good shoes or rubber boots with you and, where available, your own life jacket or gloves.

The start of the event is at 9 a.m. at the Seeplatz in Oberägeri, where instructions will be given and volunteers will be divided into groups. Armed with garbage bags, buckets, hoes, gloves and high-visibility vests, they will then go to work. The mission lasts about two and a half hours. Only publicly accessible areas will be dealt with, and there will be food for all the helpers afterwards. You can register directly on the website up to 4 October.

A trailer full of material
The last time there was such a clean-up and collect action was in 2018. At that time, an complete trailer – around six cubic metres – of material was collected, and 120 helpers turned up. "Our expectations were exceeded at the very first time," says the CVP politician, who was already in action at the time. He adds:

"The event really was a complete success. We hope that more people will be motivated to do something for our valley."

Oberägeri with view of Lake Ägeri.
Picture: Stefan Kaiser (24. April 2019)

In addition to the lakeshore, popular places in the Ägeri Valley will also be cleaned up and tidied in October. Iten adds: "We are thinking of hiking trails and barbecue areas, which have been used very heavily in the last year and a half."

Material donations are very welcome
The organisation committee is currently busy with background work: the Website has been updated, and flyers and posters have been created. "At the same time, talks are underway with the sponsors, for whose support we were very grateful in 2018. We’re on track," says the organisation committee President. Three years ago, the event was also supported by the municipalities of Unterägeri and Oberägeri, as well as by the two corporations.

This support is also being sought this year. If the necessary material – from pick-up tongs to gloves to garbage bags – has to be bought, this would have a major impact on costs. "That’s why we’re also very grateful for the material that is made available to us. In addition, as mentioned above, we would like to be able to offer every ‘Chrampfer’ (hard worker) a sausage again this year. Because when people work so hard again, they become hungry and thirsty."

More information can be found here.