Zug, 28.05.2021

Joint action against noise, waste and damage to property

The Zug Police and the City of Zug authorities are launching a joint operation to maintain calm, order and security in the public facilities of the city of Zug. The aim is to protect the lakeside zone from littering and damage to property, and to avoid noise nuisance.

The Zug Police and the City of Zug authorities are jointly launching an action against littering, noise and damage to property in the public facilities of the City of Zug. The aim is to make the population and young people aware of the issue, and to encourage them to think and act in a more considerate manner. The focus is in particular on the lakeside zone. In the warmer seasons in particular, litter is left on the ground in many places and complaints from residents about noise become more frequent. In recent weeks, several public toilet facilities have also been damaged several times.

As an immediate measure, the City of Zug authorities have decided to close the municipal toilet facilities on the Weststrasse and at the Katastrophenbucht and the Siehbach during the night from 11:00 p.m. These problems are not new - especially in heavily frequented places in the city of Zug, such as along the lake promenade. As a result of the Corona pandemic and the associated restaurant and bar closures, however, they have tended to increase. That’s why the Zug police and the City of Zug authorities have jointly decided to increase the police presence.

Up to October 2021, the Zug police will increase the uniformed patrols, and in some cases plain-clothes patrols, and will seek a dialogue with people who are not complying with the rules. "With as little repressive intervention as possible, we want to show that everyone should be making a contribution to an orderly use of public space. After all, we all appreciate it when public places are clean and safe, and when the local infrastructure, such as public toilet facilities, remain intact," explains Michael Metzger, head of the regional police department of the Zug Police.

It is also important for the city of Zug that the recreation area on the lake shore is clean and safe. The City of Zug authorities are therefore supporting the action of the Zug police with an information campaign. "There are younger and older people on the lakeside every day, which is why there are sometimes conflicts of interest between the generations," explains City Councillor Urs Raschle, Head of Social Affairs, Environment and Security (SUS), "a considerate mutual interaction is therefore very desirable."

Michael Metzger, Head of the Regional Police (left) and City Councillor Urs Raschle, Head of Social Services, Environment and Safety (SUS), demonstrate the new waste bag.
Photo: PD

Further measures in the city of Zug
The situation on the lake shore have forced the City of Zug to take further measures in addition to the closure of the toilet facilities. For example, the toilet facilities are now inspected by security personnel of the Zug Police, as well as by employees of private security companies, in order to prevent further acts of vandalism. In addition, the WC cabins will be replaced by a more robust version of the WC facility in the Katastrophenbucht in the second half of the year. In addition, the Werkhof (Services department) of the City of Zug has installed 18 additional large waste bins along the lakeshore zone to provide sufficient waste capacity.

Preventing littering with special waste bags
The City of Zug is launching a special 17-litre waste bag with the logo of the anti-littering campaign, which was launched jointly by the canton of Zug, the Zug municipalities and Zeba, the special purpose association (Zweckverband) of the Zug resident offices (Einwohnergemeinde) for the management of waste, at the end of April 2021. In conversations with users of the lake promenade, the emergency services of the Zug Police will hand over these waste bags and try to ensure that the litter is collected in them and disposed of in the waste bins after leaving the location.

The Zug police and the City of Zug authorities ask the population to help in this, and to make their contribution so that everyone in the city of Zug can feel safe and well.

 Tips against littering, noise and damage to property

·      Always carry a small waste bag with you during a planned picnic, and use this to collect your waste and dispose of it correctly.

·      If you are part of a group, encourage each other to not leave anything behind.

·      Don't just throw used cigarettes on the ground.

·      Handkerchiefs and napkins are quickly blown away by the wind. Dispose of such items correctly quickly after use.

·      Turn off music from portable devices late at night, or turn the volume down so as to avoid disturbing other people’s rest.

·      Move about in smaller groups, to avoid disturbances to other people’s rest  and the related complaints.

·      Damage to property is unnecessary and entails high financial costs. No one should be placed under group pressure to "show their courage".

Source: Zug Police