Risch, 25.05.2023

Jewellery stolen in Risch, but the culprits were arrested on the Axenstrasse

An Italian and two Serbs broke into a house in Risch on Monday afternoon. The Schwyz police were able to stop them on the Axenstrasse, however, and they are now in custody.

Three men broke into a detached house in Risch on Monday afternoon,. They stole jewellery worth several thousand francs and then made off in the direction of Küssnacht in a car with Italian licence plates.

An attentive citizen reported the burglary to the Zug police, however, as reported in a press release. Thanks to an immediate manhunt, the Schwyz Cantonal Police were able to stop the car on the Axenstrasse, and handed the men over to the Zug Police.

According to the Zug police, the three men are a 22-year-old Italian and two Serbs aged 44 and 46. Further investigations are now underway, while the three men are being held  in custody. The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug has opened a criminal investigation against the three accused men

Source: Zug Police