Zug, Hünenberg, Hagendorn, 21.11.2023

Hünenberger with dream final grades

Livio Stocker from Hünenberg, Rahel Aschwanden from Zug, and Lukas Bircher from Hagendorn are among the best apprenticeship graduates in Switzerland this year.

They have thereby received the “Pestalozzi Stiftepriis 2023,” according to a recent statement from the Pestalozzi Group.

Livio Stocker (right) completed his training with a grade of 5.8     
Rahel Aschwanden received a final grade of 5.3 ...
... just like Lukas Bircher.              
Photos: zvg

Livio Stocker completed his training as a Polymechanic EFZ at Schindler vocational training in Ebikon and, with his final grade of 5.8, is one of the best of the best. EFZ (Eidgenössische Fähigkeitszeugnis) translates as the Federal Certificate of Proficiency

Rahel Aschwanden completed her apprenticeship as a Building Technology Planner for Ventilation EFZ at Kannewischer Ingenieurbüro AG, and Lukas Bircher trained as a Roofer EFZ at Schuler Building Shells AG – with both achieving an impressive final grade of 5.3.

We wish them all continued success in their professional lives!