Zug, 21.05.2020

Hit-and-run driver, two injured cyclists and bodywork damage

Several traffic accidents occurred on Zug roads on Wednesday, 20 May, two cyclists being injured

The start of the series of accidents on Wednesday afternoon was a side/frontal collision between a bicycle and a car in Oberägeri. A 37-year-old man was driving on the Haglistrasse towards the cul-de-sac shortly after 4 p.m. A cyclist who did not have right-of way turned from the Gubelweg onto the Haglistrasse at the same time, which led to the collision, as reported by the Zug law enforcement authorities on Thursday. The 17-year-old cyclist had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Collision between two cars at the Göblistrasse/Baarerstrasse intersection
Another traffic accident occurred in the city of Zug shortly before 8.45 p.m.. A driver on the Feldstrasse intended to drive into the Göblistrasse across the intersection. At the same time, according to the report, another motorist was driving out of Zug on the Baarerstrasse. This resulted in a side/frontal collision at the intersection. The two drivers were uninjured, but there was extensive property damage, according to the police.

Car collides with cyclist on Aegeristrasse while turning left
At about the same time, the emergency services had to deploy to another traffic accident in the city of Zug. An unknown driver, driving on the Aegeristrasse from the Kolinplatz, intended to turn left into Loretostrasse. He thereby overlooked a cyclist who was riding along the Aegeristrasse in the opposite direction (towards the Kolinplatz). In the collision, the cyclist was thrown onto the bonnet of the car before falling to the ground. He had to be taken to hospital by ambulance for a check-up.

Police appeal for witnesses after driver leaves the scene of the accident
The driver responsible for the accident briefly got out of his car, but then drove away from the scene of the accident without assisting the injured cyclist. The accident vehicle is a dark-coloured passenger car with Zug number plates, and is believed to have been damaged in the front area. The Zug police have asked the unknown driver to contact the emergency control centre, on phone number 041 728 41 41. Police are also asking anyone who witnessed the accident to come forward with information about the crash vehicle or the driver.