Zug, 10.07.2024

Historic success for the Swiss Handball Juniors

In a dramatic final against Germany last Friday, the Swiss U16 handball team secured the title at the European Open in Gothenburg, Sweden, after extra time and a shoot-out.

The Swiss U16 handball team, under trainer Jürgen Fleischmann, has thereby won its first ever title at the women's national team level. The Swiss women won the final of the European Open, which is considered the unofficial European Championship, against Germany 34:31 after 70 minutes play and a shoot-out.

The victorious Swiss U-16 women's handball team pose with the trophy       Photo: Handball Schweiz

The historically successful Swiss women's handball team that played in the finals in Sweden included four players from the Spono Eagles from the canton of Lucerne - Nora Emmenegger, Lisa Herger, Leanne Kunz and Leandra Setz - and two players from LK Zug - Noelle Osterwalder and Aita Wegmann.

Match telegram:
Switzerland - Germany 34:31 (14:16, 26:26, 30:30)

Swiss team: Setz, Billeter; Mierzwa, Emmenegger N. (12), Koch (2), Wegmann (3), Herger (3), Stoll (4), Hofstetter (6), Osterwalder N. (3), Acklin (1), Kunz, Heer, Wildhaber, Leupi.