Canton of Zug, 19.11.2020

Hikers and mountain bikers promote mutual respect

The Zuger Wanderwege association and the Mountainbike Zug interest group are working together to ensure a respectful coexistence.

Hiking and mountain biking are among the most popular leisure activities in Switzerland, and there are about 550 kilometres of signalled hiking trails in the canton of Zug. Various user groups an be encountered on these hiking trails, including hikers and mountain bikers, who have to share the path in many places.

Due to the increased "traffic", hikers and mountain bikers are encountering each other more and more often, which rarely lead to conflicts, however. With the call for mutual respect, information campaigns and a reference to existing regulations, these encounters should to remain free of conflict through the promotion of a common understanding of the coexistence among hikers and mountain bikers, says the Zuger Wanderwege association (Zug Hiking Trails)

Mutual consideration is necessary when bikers and hikers meet

The code of conduct and behavioural rules are voluntary for mountain bikers and hikers. If they are known and followed, however, they will promote a peaceful coexistence in the shared paths. The Zuger Wanderwege Association and the Mountainbike Zug interest group want to ensure that hikers and mountain bikers know and respect their respective problems and wishes. For example, there is a right of way for hikers on hiking trails. Mountain bikers who approach hikers from behind are required to slow their pace and draw attention to themselves. Hikers should avoid mountain bike slopes if possible and should show respect for mountain bikers on the trail. A joint flyer and social media posts are planned for spring of 2021. These are intended to promote tolerance for a shared use of the trail. For potential hotspots, i.e. on the many shared paths or path sections, and where this is useful and useful, proposals for a possible separation between mountain bikers and hikers are to be developed.