Baar, 21.11.2023

High-rise H21 is being completely renovated

The Baar Nursing Home Foundation is planning to renovate its high-rise building at Landhausstrasse 21. The building permit was granted at the end of October, and the first, one-year construction phase will begin in April 2024. This can be read in a recent press release from the foundation.

The second stage is scheduled to be completed in 2026. The Baar Nursing Home Foundation (Stiftung Pflegezentrum Baar) reports that the structural installations, the building technology and the building envelope have reached the end of their service life, and, as part of the renovation, the rooms, studios and apartments will also be adapted to contemporary standards.

The H21 high-rise building will be completely renovated from April 2024                  Photo: Screenshot Google Maps

After the renovation, the high-rise building will provide space for retirement apartments, apartments for employees of the Pflegezentrum Baar (Baar nursing home) and the Zug Cantonal Hospital, as well as administrative rooms. As before, furnished rooms and apartments will be rented to external users on a small part of the area.

The tenants have already been given notice of termination. Many of them have a fixed-term rental agreement that ends on 31 March 2024, according to the foundation. Everyone else was informed early on.

As the renovation is taking place in stages, it will be possible to make some of the rooms available as replacement apartments. Priority would thereby be given to employees of the Baar Nursing Home and the Zug Cantonal Hospital, as well as any hardship cases.