Cham, 30.06.2020

Herbs are concentrated healing power

The Kunstkubus in Cham is all about medicinal plants.

Mother Nature, with her variety of medicinal plants, is also called by some people "the pharmacy of God". There are indeed many herbs that help alleviate many physical and mental ailments: you just have to be knowledgeable about their mode of action, their preparation and their application.

Medicinal herbs still grow all around us, in the field and in the forest. For centuries, many monastic communities also maintained their own herb garden, such as the Heiligkreuz (Holy Cross) monastery in Lindencham. For 30 years now, about 100 different medicinal plants have been growing there, from which the nuns produce tea mixtures, extracts or tinctures. The herbarium from the cloister garden of Heiligkreuz is now the theme of the current exhibition in the Cham Kunstkubus (art cube) on the Zugerstrasse. On Saturdays. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a selection of medicinal plants is presented in a vivid way,. The exhibition runs up to 18 July.

Medicinal herbs are the current topic in the Cham art cube.

In connection with the exhibition in the Kunstkubus, a guided tour of the cloister garden with Sister Theresita is planned. Whether and when this will take place can only be specified at a later date. So far, a guided tour through the field and forest with Yves Scherer is planned on Wednesday, July 22,  meeting point at 7 p.m. at the Ziegeleimuseum (Tile Museum) in Hagendorn.

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