Zug, 28.10.2020

Hand prosthesis created from 3D printer in the FabLab

The FabLab Zug invites everyone to its first exhibition. There are all sorts of inventions to discover, as well as art made of fabric and plexiglass.

Wouldn't it be great if you didn’t just pointlessly burn up your energy in sport, but could also put it to profitable use? Well, you can, as shown by one of the many projects at the first exhibition of the FabLab Zug, ‘ÜsiZugkunft’ (our Zug future). While the inventors Andreas Jarosch and Nijo Schreiner tramp away kilometre after kilometre on their home trainer, they’re also charging up to eight mobile phones or tablets.

Let yourself be inspired by a factory exhibition of 30 artistic and curious objects, inventions, useful ideas and fantasies from 28th October to 11th November. An exhibition of this kind will now take place annually in the future. All the objects in the exhibition were developed and built in the FabLab Zug, which, since December 2019, has been housed in its definitive location in the premises of the V-Zug company.

There are amazing things to discover, such as a plastic hand prosthesis that has been made especially for cycling using a 3D printer. "A prototype of this prosthesis is already undergoing trials," says board member Luz Maria Molinari. Another member built the backstage equipment for a music band. There is also an electric skateboard, an automated Growbox – a computer-controlled indoor greenhouse the size of a two-door cabinet – various recycling projects and much more.

A factory show is taking place in the production facility of the FabLab Zug.
Photo 1: Michael Hobbins (president of the association) and Luz Maria Molinari (board member) with a home trainer that charges smartphones and tablets through muscle power.
Photo 2: Michael Hobbins (Association President) presents a plastic part made in a 3D printer.
Photo 3: Moritz Hassler from the Stubete Gang has produced the band's merchandise at the FabLab
Photo 4: Peter Staub and Rebekka Lätsch are working on a product at FabLab that they want to market themselves.

"There is also a dedicated project exhibition with textile art, the FabriXlab," says Molinari, while seven artisans present handmade jewellery, decorative objects and accessories made of fabric, felt, metal and plexiglass. "26-year-old Gina Grünwald, for example, has developed her Plexiglas bags here and has since opened an online shop."

Not a service operation
The FabLab train is only about one and a half years old, is run by four board members and seven association members on a voluntary basis and has more than 80 members. The motto is "From the idea to the product".

"People come to us with an idea and make contacts with the other FabLab users, from whom they can acquire the know-how for the production," says Molinari, explaining the simple principle behind the association. "We are not a service company. Everyone has to acquire the necessary knowledge for themselves." All the members are willing to share their knowledge with others. "It's all about meeting and exchanging ideas, so that new things can emerge." Molinari is convinced that almost anything can be realised in this way.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the diversity of the projects. In addition, they have to be finished bya certain point in time, so that they don't remain floating about forever.

The club needs to double its numbers
"The association needs to grow to a size of 200 members in order to be self-supporting," says Luz Maria Molinari, with sponsors and patrons currently bearing part of the expenses. Members pay an annual fee, and a small fee for using devices such as laser cutters, 3D printers or plotters.

Four open studio spaces, the so-called ‘co-working spaces’, are permanently rented out, and the tenants have unrestricted access to the FabLab. There are official opening hours for all other members and for those who want to become one.


The ‘ÜsiZugKunft’ exhibition will open on 28th October from 7 to 9 p.m. in the FabLab Zug at Oberallmendstrasse 18, and there will be a guided tour from 7 to 8 p.m. on 3rd, 4th and 5th November. The exhibition will also be open from 3 to 6 p.m. on 7th November,
and the Finissage will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 11th November.