Risch-Rotkreuz, 30.03.2020

Garden house completely destroyed in fire

A garden house belonging to the Risch-Rotkreuz Family Garden Association has burned down completely. The cause of the fire is still unclear, and is currently being clarified.

Early on Sunday morning, March 29, shortly before 5 a.m., the operations control centre of the Zug police received a report that a garden house was burning at the Risch-Rotkreuz family garden association (Familiengartenverein) in the “Heuboden” area. By the time the first emergency services arrived on site, the property was already in full blaze, and was completely destroyed, as reported in the media release from the Zug law enforcement authorities. The Risch fire brigade successfully prevented the flames from spreading to other allotment garden houses.

Photo 1: The garden house at the Risch-Rotkreuz family garden association in full blaze.
Photo 2: A spread of the fire to other allotment garden houses could be prevented.

The cause of the fire is still unclear and is being clarified by the forensic service of the Zug police. The amount of property damage could not yet be quantified. Around 70 members of the Risch fire brigade, the fire department inspector, employees of the Zug emergency services and the Zug police were deployed.