Zug, 14.05.2019

From takoyakis to stroopwafels - what was on offer at this year's Gluscht Festival


The Gluscht Festival took place for the 7th time last weekend. While the weather was not that conducive to lingering outside, no-one went home hungry.


The Gluscht Festival (the word means appetising odour) is actually the oldest such event of this type in Switzerland, with a whole range of exotic food on offer over three days at this lakeside location.


As journalist Janis Büchel mentioned, among the dishes available were Mexican tacos, Indian lentil curry, momos, a Himalayan-style ravioli and Tibetan-style burgers. This is what Vera Steinmann of Cham went for. With so much to try, choosing was not easy. Nor was it easy when it came to desserts, especially when black ice cream and bubble waffles were on offer. For the less adventurous, Swiss dishes were also on offer; CHF10 the maximum price for any dish, whatever its provenance.


The takoyakis, small dumpling-like delicacies made of egg and flour with a squid filling and Japanese spice were actually made by Lithuanian-born Ruslanas Askeroras, who explained a vegetarian version was also available. This was his first time at the Gluscht Festival.


Quintin van der Linden and his colleagues from the Netherlands ran the Royal Dutch Cocos stand, selling coconut macaroons and Poffertjes, mini pancakes, not to mention the popular stroopwafels, which Jannine Meier of Steinhausen was very taken with. This was the third time they had come to Zug and were off to Zurich afterwards.


The photograph shows the Tibetan stand.