Zug, 13.03.2020

From Monday, students will receive distance learning

The Federal Council decided today that no school tuition will place in schools until April 4. All public and private schools, as well as special schools, in the canton of Zug will be closed from Monday, March 16. The closure also affects schools at the tertiary level. Emergency childcare issues will be considered on Saturday.

Students in Zug must stay at home and receive their education via distance learning. Emergency childcare will be the subject of a extraordinary meeting between members of the government council (Regierungsrat) and the Social Executive Conference of the Zug municipalities (Sozialvorsteherkonferenz der Zuger Gemeinden) on Saturday. This was announced by the Directorate of Education (Bildungsdirektion) on Friday.

Schools in the canton of Zug will switch from face-to-face teaching to distance learning, with the schools being responsible for the organisation, the transition and the information for the parents. Apprentices must follow the instructions of their companies with regard to the non-school part of their training.

The aim of the switch to distance learning is to reduce the social contacts between the students, continues the message. The effectiveness of the measure therefore requires that the students remain at home whenever possible.

The issues with regard to emergency childcare will be discussed on Saturday, March 14, by the Director of Education and the Director of the Interior at a special session of the Social Executive Conference of the Zug Municipalities. There is no epidemiological difference between childcare and schooling, however, so that the search for a solution will concentrate on absolute emergencies. The focus is on self-care without the involvement of grandparents.