Cantonal parliament, 17.09.2021

From 1 October, the canton should pay for Covid tests

From 1 October, Covid tests are to be subject to a charge according to the will of the Federal Council. Zug cantonal parliamentarians want these tests to continue to be free of charge. At least for the population of Zug.

If the Confederation no longer pays for Covid tests from 1 October, the canton should take over the payment for the tests of Zug residents. This is the proposal from cantonal councillor (Kantonsratin) Laura Dittli (Die Mitte/Oberägeri), as well as from the cantonal councillors (Kantonsrat) Fabio Iten (Die Mitte/Unterägeri), Philip C. Brunner (SVP/Zug) and Thomas Werner (SVP/Unterägeri).

They base their demand on the consultation response of the Zug government regarding the amendment of the Covid-19 Regulation. At the time, the government council (Regierungsrat) wrote: "Should the (Covid) certificate obligation have to be extended, the test costs for asymptomatic persons must again be borne by the federal government in order to avoid unequal treatment." Consequently, the above-mentioned Zug politicians are demanding that the canton of Zug should pay the test costs for the population of Zug from 1 October onwards – if the Swiss Confederation (Bund) does not reverse the measure. A proposal on this subject is currently pending in Bern.

Creation of test possibilities in the mountain communities
The government council should also decide whether it wants to only pay for the costs of persons residing in the canton of Zug, or also for employees who work in the canton. "We don’t want to encourage ‘test tourism’ from other cantons." In addition, the parliamentarians demand that the testing capacities in the canton of Zug should be expanded. "For example, there are no possibilities for a corona test in the mountain communities." The population of Zug should be able to be tested in as many communities as possible. This is not only important for private individuals, "but also for employers and their employees, who have to present a Covid certificate in order to carry out their work," says the motion.

The motion should be dealt with immediately, and has been placed on the agenda for the cantonal council meeting on 30 September 2021.