Neuheim, 24.04.2019

Forty-four flats planned in new development, and further forty-nine at nearby location

Development is to take place shortly on two of the very last green-field sites in Neuheim. In one of them, 44 flats are be built in seven buildings covering a 9,600 square-metre site, with two underground garages built, too.


This CHF19-million development is being built by the Felderhus AG company on a site near the Lindenhalle, which can be seen in the background of the photograph. The two garages planned will have an access road to Neuhofstrasse and be connected with each other by a tunnel.


According to the plans, which are currently on view until Monday 29 May, the individual buildings will be of varied heights as a result of the slope on which they are to be constructed, the tallest one rising to16.5 metres. Furthermore, there will be greater distance between each of the individual buildings than is currently normal. All of the flats, varying in size from three-to-five rooms, are for private ownership, a 30-kph-limit being stipulated for the access road.


The other development planned, to be known as Lamat, is on nearby Säntisstrasse, where six buildings containing 49 one-to-five-room flats are to be built, in addition to four terrace-style properties in a project costing CHF 30 million, including an underground garage. Plans for these are available for inspection until Monday 13 May.


It is only natural that once the flats are occupied, in the latter case by the end of 2021, the population of Zug’s smallest municipality, which currently stands at 2,255, could increase significantly.


Out of interest, the head of finance of the municipality of Neuheim, Marcel Güttinger, recently announced it had recorded a surplus of CHF 1.76 million for the year 2018.


This article is based on ones by Raphael Biermayr and Harry Ziegler.