Oberaegeri, 22.07.2019

Forester flown to hospital after sustaining serious injury to leg


A forester had to be flown to hospital on Friday morning after he was seriously injured in the leg while carrying out his duties.


The incident happened shortly before 8.30 am as the 43-year-old was attempting to move a felled tree uphill by means of a remote-controlled winch. As he did so, the tree trunk got stuck in the ground and suddenly swung towards him hitting him in the thigh. He was subsequently flown by Rega helicopter to a specialist clinic beyond the cantonal border.


In a second unrelated incident that same day, an e-cyclist sustained injuries after coming off his bike in the city.


This incident happened at around noon as the 69-year-old was in the Zugerbergstrasse-Kirchenstrasse area near the Pulverturm and led to him sustaining head injuries for which he was taken to hospital for treatment.


As the precise circumstances of this incident are not clear, the police have issued an appeal to anyone who may have been in the afore-mentioned vicinity at the time to contact them on 041 728 41 41 without delay.