Zug - Oberwil, 07.07.2020

Family dispute in a parking area

There was an altercation between two families in Oberwil on Sunday evening. A group of people was hit by a moving car, with five people injured. The exact background is still to be be clarified.

According to the press release of the Zug law enforcement authorities, the incident took place on Sunday evening, July 5, at 5 p.m. at the parking lot at Bruder-Klausen-Weg in Zug/Oberwil. According to the investigation so far, there was a verbal dispute due to a driving manoeuvre, with several people involved.

Driven in group of people
One of the motorists involved, a 56-year-old Swiss man, then drove his car backwards out of the parking area onto the Bruder-Klausen-Weg and then immediately forward again in the direction of the group of people involved in the dispute. Four people were hit, and were slightly injured. They are a 15-year-old boy, a 19-year-old woman and two men aged 36 and 59.

A physical altercation then took place between the driver, his passenger and other persons involved. The driver of the vehicle was also slightly injured.

According to the press release of the Zug law enforcement authorities, a total of nine adults, five women and four men, from two different families, were involved in the dispute. They are between 19 and 59 years old and come from Switzerland and Iraq. There were also five children present.

The background and the exact course of events have not yet been fully clarified.

Police looking for witnesses
As the parties gave contradictory statements, the police are looking for witnesses. Persons who observed the dispute and the activities or who can provide information about the course of events are asked to contact the Command Centre of the Zug Police (telephone 041 728 41 41).