Canton of Zug, 15.11.2019

Eventful morning on Zug roads

The start of the series of accidents on 15 November occurred at about 6 a.m., a side and frontal collision between a truck and a delivery van on the Neugasse in Baar, according to a report from media office of the Zug law enforcement authorities. No one was injured, and the property damage to the vehicles amounted to around CHF 8,000.

About two hours later, shortly after 7:45 a.m., the task force had to attend the scene of another collision. On the A14 motorway, by the construction site near Gisikon, a dark-coloured car entering the highway crashed into to the side of a truck. The car that had caused the accident then left the scene of the accident without stopping. The police from Zug have started an investigation.

A rear-end collision then occurred on the Chamerstrasse at 8.05 a.m., when a car driving towards Cham stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing at the Chollermüli S-Bahn stop. A 36-year-old driver in the following car realised this too late, and she crashed into the rear of the car in front of her. No one was injured, but property damage was around CHF 16,000.

Only a few minutes later, the next emergency call was received at the Operational Control Centre. A child was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing on the Neudorfstrasse in Menzingen. The seven-year-old girl seems to have had a guardian angel, however, and was not injured.

                                                                      Crash on the Neugasse in Baar

A further rear-end collision occurred at about 9.45 a.m. in Walchwil. A 57-year-old driver on the Zugerstrasse wanted to turn left by the Hörndli bus stop in the Oberdorfstrasse. She braked her vehicle, but this was realised too late by the following 53-year-old driver, and she crashed into her. The 57-year-old woman was able to go for a medical check-up by herself, however. The property damage amounted to around CHF 6,000.

The next accident occurred at about 12 noon: a 54-year-old delivery van driver was driving on the Rigistrasse in Baar in the direction of Inwil when a four-year-old girl suddenly ran across the street from the pavement, and was hit by the van. The girl was injured and taken to the hospital for checks.

The police are also looking for any witnesses of an incident occurred at Rotkreuz station, shortly before 8.30 a.m. The two people directly involved described the situation completely differently: according to the statement of a 66-year-old motorist, he was driving over the bus-turning area at a walking pace when a young woman ran into his car. The 22-year-old pedestrian, on the other hand, stated that the car driver had not seen her, and ran into her. As the two parties gave different statements, the police are looking for witnesses. Any persons who observed the incident and can provide information are asked to report to the Operational Control Centre of the Zug police (Telephone: 041 728 41 41).