Canton Zug, 11.06.2021

European Nations Football Championship

Various restaurants will offer public viewings from the start of the European Nations Football Championship on 11 June. Reservations are required in most places.

If you want to follow a sports event together with friends after the long ban on assemblies, you can now do so at public viewings during the European Nations Football Championships. But It won’t be like it used to be, when hundreds of people squeezed into a bar and celebrated in a carefree manner. A maximum of 100 people are allowed indoors, with a protection concept being applied. "In order to be able to carry out the public viewing successfully, it's important that the rules and the current protective measures are adhered to," says Marco Husi, Managing Director of Freiruum in Zug. "We are also appealing here to the personal responsibility of the visitors."

He and his team of around ten people are currently in the process of making the Event Hall of the "Freiruum" ready for public viewing. "All the matches of the European Nations Football Championships can be followed live on an LED wall with a diagonal of eleven metres."

You book as a group
Guests will be seated during a game, but are allowed to pick up drinks at the bar. "Catering is available at the stands of the ‘Genusshalle’. Guests are then allowed to take their menu to the Event Hall from there. The hall will open just under an hour before the start of the game, and will close again half an hour after the end of the game. There is a mask and registration obligation everywhere.

You can book a table in the "Freiruum" as a group of four people or as a lunch for two. A larger reservation, for example for a company event, is also possible. "There are different price ranges, with tickets starting from CHF 45. These include is a consumption credit worth CHF 30," explains Husi. You can also try to get seats directly from the ticket office before the match. "We will also let in individuals in the evening if there is still space, but in principle you should book as a group." In any case, it's better to reserve seats online in advance.

The focus is on a shared experience with friends
The "Freiruum" is just one of the venues in the canton of Zug. Many other restaurants also offer the possibility of public viewing (see below).

"We are focussing on the shared experience," explains Mario Husi. "After the long period of nothing, guests should be able to get together with friends again and cheer for a football match." He and his team will also implement this goal in the design. "We want to create an oasis for the guests, to put them in their own football world. Not with the classic banquet benches, but in a cosy family atmosphere, almost like in your own living room." For this purpose, a lawn carpet has been laid out and all sorts of football décor is distributed in the room. Husi doesn't want to reveal more. "Let the guests enjoy the surprise."

Marco Husi, operations manager of the Freiruum in Zug, rolls out the green carpet for the guests of the public viewing.
Photo: Matthias Jurt (Zug, 9 June 2021)

Public Viewings in Zug
The football matches of the European Nations Football Championships will be shown In the following restaurants (no claim to completeness) :

Bistro zum Pfauen, Kirchengasse 1
Opening hours: up to 30 minutes after the evening game.
Space restriction: Reservation recommended. Only in dry weather.
Schedule available at

Grand Café, Bahnhofstrasse 22
Opening hours: Live broadcast of all European Championship matches.
Space restriction: The covered terrace with two screens offers space for 130 people, indoor with two screens for 30 people.
More info

Freiruum, Zählerweg 5
Opening hours: Check-in possible 30 minutes before the start of the game. Check-out until 30 minutes after the end of the game.
Space restriction: 100 seats. Tickets can be booked online  until 12 noon onf the respective match day.
Offer: Delicious drinks and good food. 
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Seehof Cinema, Schmidgasse 8
Opening hours: Conventional cinema opening hours, only the games with Swiss participation will be shown.
Space restriction: 95 people. Free admission, tickets can only be purchased on the same day at the Seehof cinema. Access only for persons over 20 years of age.
More info

Stadionrestaurant Zug 94, Allmendstrasse 20
Opening hours: all games, open from 10:00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Space restriction: Garden terrace approx. 70 places, indoors 60 places, reservation recommended under or Tel. 041 710 41 29.
Offer: Fine barbecues, drinks, snacks.
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Clubrestaurant FC Baar, Lättichstr. 25
Opening hours: 9:00 am. To midnight
Space restriction: 60-80 places depending on the weather Reservation: 079 370 22 72.
Offer: hot food and barbecue, all drinks hot and cold, with and without alcohol, long drinks and shots from the bar.
More information

Cafe Neudorf, Cham, Zugerstrasse 15
Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday 11.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 9.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Space restriction: Reservation recommended: 041 780 30 52.
Offer: barbecues and salads. 
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