Oberaegeri, 29.04.2019

Erliberg development to offer seventy-four light and airy flats in delightful natural setting

When the whole Erliberg development is completed, its residents will be able to enjoy light and airy apartments set in delightful natural surroundings and benefit from the latest heating and cooling technology.



The development is being built in two stages, the ground-breaking ceremony for the initial stage of 34 flats having recently taken place.


As can be seen in the computer- generated photograph, the flats are to be constructed of light grey concrete, the apartments benefiting from floor-to-ceiling windows from which the residents will be able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of this idyllic location close to meadows and woodland. When shade is needed, sliding blinds made of dark pinewood with vertical slats can be placed in position, as Albi Nussbaumer, the managing director of the Erliberg AG company, explained.


The first stage of the development will be made up of thirty 3-5 room apartments in the main building with a further four 2-room flats in a much smaller building to the west, housing a workshop on the ground floor, too.


Work on the second stage of the development, comprising a second building with 40 flats, is not expected to start until 2022.


Nussbaumer again waxed lyrical about this delightful setting on an incline, with areas specified for residents to meet up and relax and children to play.


Sustainability has also played a big role in the way the buildings are to be built with geothermal probes and voltaic installations on the roof providing heating and cooling.


Further information can be found on www.erliberg-ag.ch


This article is based on one written by Laura Sibold.