Canton of Zug, 04.05.2021

Due to the pandemic, cherry products from 2020 are still available in abundance

The IG Zuger Chriesi is launching a limited solidarity campaign for farmers, cherry distillers and confectioners. Anyone who buys Zug cherry products for at least CHF 40.- will receive a refund of CHF 10.-.

The coronavirus has had many strange effects. For example, " massively fewer cherry products were consumed due to the 2020 pandemic," says the IG Zuger Chriesi (Zug cherries interest group)  Because people were less likely to toast each other with Kirsch (Swiss-style  cherry brandy) and bought fewer Kirschtorten (cherry pies), the warehouses were currently full of Kirschwasser (Zug cherry brandy). As the next harvest has already announced itself with flowering cherry trees, the group has been forced to take action, according to their own announcement. The IG Zuger Chriesi has launched a solidarity campaign under the motto "Schenken Sie Freude! (Give joy!)".

This will take place as follows: For every purchase of ‘Zuger Chriesi’ products worth at least CHF 40.-, the IG Zuger Chriesi will refund the buyer CHF 10.-. "It doesn't matter whether  you buy Zuger Kirsch, a Kirschtorte, cherry sausages, cherry jam or cherry yoghurt up to this minimum amount." The proof of purchase has to be sent to IG Zuger Chriesi together with the number of your bank account, and you will then receive a transfer of CHF 10.-.

Valid until the end of 2021 at the latest
"It’s important that the proof of purchase shows that these are products from Zuger Chriesi. If this cannot be seen from the receipt, it must be confirmed by the seller with a business stamp," the statement reads. The proof of purchase can be sent by e-mail to  or by post to IG Zuger Chriesi, P.O. Box 7334, 6302 Zug.
The offer applies to the first 1,500 receipts submitted, but no later than the end of 2021.

The spectators in the old town stand and sit close to each other at the Chriesisturm
Photo: Stefan Kaiser (Zug, 25 June 2018)

"With this action, we want to draw the attention of all lovers of Zuger Chriesi products to the difficult situation in which the producers currently find themselves," says Peter Hegglin, President of the  ig Zuger Chriesi, says in the statement.

Chriesisturm cancelled
In view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, IG Zuger Chriesi has decided to cancel the popular Chriesisturm (Cherry Run) in 2021, as last year. This decision was taken by the Executive Board regardless of how long large-scale events remain prohibited in the coming summer months. Their justification: "The narrow streets of the old town make it impossible for the numerous spectators to observe minimum social distances. And a protection concept for the subsequent folk festival on the Landsgemeindeplatz is not feasible. The traditional Chriesimärt (Cherry market) will also be not take place this year.

As a "small sign of hope", the "Chriesigloggen" (cherry bells) in Zug and Baar will be rung at 12 o'clock on 21 June. The bell ringing of the parish church of St. Michael and the Baar parish church of St. Martin will herald the Zug cherry harvest.

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