Hünenberg, 22.04.2020

Dog owners launch a rubbish collection campaign

From the beginning of the Corona pandemic, there has been more rubbish lying about in nature in many places. A dog school is taking action against this, and has released a video.

It’s often dog owners who are the ones who don’t properly clear away the remains of their four-legged friends, thereby annoying their fellow human beings. Beat Eichenberger also knows this, and has decided to turn things around through leading by example. He runs the Wolfsrüdel (wolf pack) dog school in Hünenberg together with Bernadette Kälin, but does not have much to do at the moment due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the corona virus. Eichenberger therefore posted a video on his Youtube channel Wolfsrudel.ch a few days ago.

"We dog owners know and see that many people are just leaving their picnic waste at the moment. That's why we've decided to collect waste on our walks with our dogs," say several dog owners in the video. The Hünenberg Dog School called for the collection of this rubbish via Facebook and Youtube, and the feedback has been extremely good, says Bernadette Kälin on request. Around 50 dog owners sent in photos of their dogs and the collected waste – not only from Zug, but also from surrounding cantons.

Around 50 dog owners have responded to the call of the Wolfsrudel Hünenberg dog school and have collected waste during their walks.

The campaign may soon be continued
The idea was spontaneous. "We do an Easter promotion every year for customers and friends. It was a bit more difficult this year because of the corona virus, which is why we decided that everyone could independently contribute to a cleaner environment," explains Kälin. From the beginning of the pandemic, many dog trainers have noticed that there are more rubbish lying around in nature. This may have to do with the beautiful weather that’s currently drawing many people outside.

As the campaign has been so well received, she is currently thinking about once again calling for waste collection, reveals Bernadette Kälin.

"The feedback was great and the participation was high. But above all, we did something meaningful while walking."

The final word of the three-minute clip falls to Beat Eichenberger: "With this video, we want to send an important message to the outside world: it is not criticism of others that improves the world, but our own actions."