Blasenberg, 20.11.2023

Dog kills a dozen sheep in Zug

A number of seriously injured sheep have been found in the Blasenberg area. Due to the severity of the injury, they had to be put down. The police believe they were attacked by a dog.

On Saturday morning, the Zug Police found around a dozen seriously injured sheep in a pasture in the Blasenberg area - between the Zugerberg and the city of Zug. Due to the severe bite injuries, the injured sheep had to be shot by the gamekeeper (Wildhüter) after being examined by the veterinarian.

As the Zug Police write, based on the initial evaluations, it can be assumed that the sheep were attacked by a dog. DNA traces were also secured and are now being analysed in the laboratory. The death of the animals caused damage amounting to several thousand Swiss francs.

12 sheep had to be euthanised after being seriously injured                          Screenshot: CH Media

Police looking for witnesses
The Zug Police have started investigating the crime and are working to identify the unknown perpetrator. In this context, they are looking for any persons who saw dogs and their owners running loose in the Blasenberg area between Friday afternoon, 17th November, and Saturday morning, 18th November.

Anyone who has any information or saw any dogs in the Blasenberg area is requested to contact the Zug Police Operations Control Centre on 041 728 41 41.