Cham, 03.05.2019

"Days of Neighbourhood" event planned for later this month

For the first time ever in Cham a “Days of Neighbourhood” event is to take place over three days on Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May with the aim of people getting to know their neighbours and the culture to which they belong.



It was actually 20 years ago in Paris that the first such event of this kind took place as a way of encouraging people to get to know their neighbours and provide them with support where needed.


It is in the same vein that the Youth and Community Organisation of Cham (JGWA in cooperation with the local Neighbourly Help Support Group, misleadingly abbreviated as KISS, which has already done pioneering work in this area, to organise such a weekend there.


As Christine Blättler-Müller, who is responsible for matters social and health in the community, explained, it is important for the council that there is social cohesion there. What is more, individual responsibility, solidarity and social mixing will also be promoted though this event, too, even though these are already furthered through various others, both planned and spontaneous, at various times of the year. Hence much effort is being put into this one at the end of this month.


Speaking in his capacity as sectional leader of the JGWA, Christian Plüss said that this weekend would enable people to get to know new friends and bridges to be built, no matter where the events took place, be they in a flat, on the balcony, on the staircase, in the garden, the garage or wherever, as long as people felt comfortable there, participants perhaps bringing something to eat and drink for a barbecue perhaps, or contribute musically in some way.


Those intending to take part will be able to see a range of events on


Of note is that prior to the event starting on Friday 24 May, a drinks evening is to be held the evening before at 6 pm in the Mandelhof.