Canton Zug, 13.07.2020

Corona pandemic measures

The number of new infections with the Covid-19 virus is increasing again in the canton of Zug. The Governing Council (Regierungsrat) has therefore taken measures to contain the spread.

From Monday, July 13th, only 100 guests at a time will be permitted in clubs and bars in the canton of Zug, of whom a maximum of 30 will be allowed to stay in the interior. Events with more than 300 people will also only be allowed if the required social distance can be maintained or if masks are worn. This was announced by the Health Directorate (Gesundheitsdirektion) on Friday afternoon.

"Experience has shown that, for measures to actually work, they must be taken in good time," says  health director Martin Pfister. "In clubs and bars in particular, it’s very difficult to comply with hygiene and distance rules. That's why stricter requirements are needed here," he adds. "Remaining in outdoor areas is a little less risky, which is why more people can be present at the same time."

There won’t be much happening on Zug dance floors from July 13th.

Bars and clubs are also still obliged to collect the contact details of all guests, so that contact tracing can be carried out if necessary. The establishments now also have to check the names of the guests against an ID card, and must check whether the given phone number is correct.

Events for 300 or more people only allowed with conditions
Furthermore, according to the communication, the Governing Council has decided to impose restrictions on public and private events. As of Monday, July 13th, the following rules will apply:

The Governing Council had knowingly decided to take these measures, even in the case of comparatively low numbers of new cases. "We are aware that restrictions on events mean a noticeable loss for the population of Zuger. But we must now take these measures in order to be able to slow down a second wave," Pfister added. He also promoted the SwissCovid app.

Increased protection measures in nursing homes
Residents of nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 disease. In order to protect this group of persons effectively, specific protective measures are necessary. The Health Directorate is in close contact with the Curaviva Zug Association. "The protection of the home-residents is at the heart of this. At the same time, residents should still be able to leave the homes and also receive visits," Pfister explains, without disclosing more details.

Online form for travellers from high-risk areas
From July 6th, persons entering Switzerland from certain areas will be quarantined for ten days. They must thereby register with the canton within two days of entering the country, and the canton of Zug has created an online form for this purpose, so that the data subjects can contact us easily and at any time. "We expressly encourage all arrivals from the risk areas to go into quarantine immediately after arrival for 10 days, and to report to the canton," Pfister emphasizes. "In this way, they can make a decisive contribution to preventing further contagion."