Sins, 17.03.2023

Coop to enlarge its branch and build a new lift

The Coop branch in Sins is to be extended. At the same time, the building owners would like to implement a few more changes. Among other thing: the hairdressing salon is now to be retroactively approved.

The Neue Aargauer Bank (NAB) in Sins has not been welcoming any customers since the end of November 2020. The windows of the former branch in the Coop building have been covered over since then. The premises were advertised for rent for a while, but other banks didn’t seem to be interested in taking over their competitor's location.

The situation is different for the Coop. The retail company, which operates a branch in the same building, now has the opportunity to expand the shop space. The vacated space was offered to Coop for rent after the bank moved out, as Coop media spokesperson Stefania Telesca stated upon request.

Stefania Telesca continued: "By expanding the sales outlet in Sins, we have the opportunity to offer customers a wider range of products in the future, and thereby a more attractive shopping experience." The planning application is currently open to the public at the Municipal Administration until 21 March.

Sales area to be 180 square metres larger
The sales area of the Coop will be enlarged by about 180 square metres, and will then cover about 1,280 square metres in the future. In addition to the expansion of the shop, another and larger customer lift will be installed, which will run from the underground parking garage directly to the sales area on the ground floor.

The sales area of the Coop branch in Sins is being expanded. There will also be a new lift and new toilets.                 Photo: Melanie Burgener
The NAB premises in Sins has been empty for some time. They will now be converted into additional sales space for the Coop.    Picture: Andrea Weibel

The extension work will not affect customers, according to Stefania Telesca. "The work will be carried out in parallel with ongoing operations. The Coop supermarket will remain open throughout, with the full range of products available," she writes.

The building application submitted by the building owner Knüsel Treuhand Immobilien AG includes other points in addition to the shop extension. On the one hand, the toilet facilities in the first basement are to be extended and an archive room is to be built on the same floor.

The company has subsequently submitted a application for the conversion of the former bakery shop in the building into a hairdressing salon, which is already in operation there, and the change of use is now to be approved retrospectively.