City of Zug, 13.05.2022

Construction work on the Alpenstrasse will begin soon

Construction work for pipeline construction, as well as road and noise remediation, will begin this month in the area of the Alpenstrasse and its surroundings in Zug. The construction work is being carried out in cooperation with WWZ AG.

The new rainwater drainage from the lake into the Alpenstrasse will be created from 16 May, according to a statement from the city of Zug. A flush borehole without a trench will thereby cross the Chamerstrasse, but must then be led in an open ditch in the southern part (cantonal road) of the Alpenstrasse. This will lead to a narrowing of the roadway and a change to the traffic layout, whereby the single-lane from the northern Alpenstrasse towards the Vorstadt will be changed.

In order to guide the confluence of traffic from the northern Alpenstrasse, the passage under the railway at the Gotthardstrasse/Grafenaustrasse intersection will only be possible for buses and bicycles, and will be closed to other traffic.

Pedestrian crossings and exits must be relocated
In the second phase, the defective main sewer pipe in the Kantonstrasse will be replaced during the summer holidays. As this is located in the middle of the roadway, at a depth of about 4.5 metres under today's traffic island, the pedestrian crossings in front of the Reform Church will have to be temporarily relocated, and the exit from the Alpenstrasse will have to be closed to private traffic.

The plan for the construction work on the Alpenstrasse              Source: City of Zug

This means that the exit from the Coop City multi-storey car park and the Bundesplatz car park will only possible to the north. The Bundesplatz bus stop will be moved slightly to the east. The traffic flow during these construction phases will be monitored and, if necessary, a traffic service will be deployed.

These procedures and the sequence of construction processes are the result of careful consideration, according to the communication from the city of Zug. In order for the entire district to be connected to the new rainwater drainage into the lake, it must be laid in the Alpenstrasse and be created first.

Ready in time for the Zug festival
A complete closure of the Kantonstrasse is out of the question, as the impact on the city's transport network would be excessive and the time saved during the work would not be large enough to justify this. With the chosen approach, the impact on the transport network can be minimised and the development of all properties guaranteed – albeit partly via detours.

The most difficult construction phases can be placed during the summer holidays. This first stage of the work will be completed in time for the Zug Festival on 3 September.

In the second half of the year, work will be concentrated on the Pilatusstrasse, the Bundesstrasse and the Erlenstrasse. In particular, the first district heating and cooling pipes (for the Circulago Energy Network) for the Neustadt district headquarters are being laid by WWZ AG., the pipeline construction work will begin in the northern part of the Alpenstrasse in late autumn 2022. This work will continue until the spring of 2023.

It will then be the turn of the Gotthardstrasse from the spring of 2023
From spring 2023, work will take place in the Gotthardstrasse, initially in the west, from summer 2023 to late autumn 2023, and then in the eastern area. The development work for the district heating, as well as district cooling and rainwater drainage, will also follow in the northern part of the extended Bahnhofstrasse from autumn 2023, according to the press release

The year 2024 will be dominated by the construction work in the Kantonsstrasse and the final layout of the surfaces in the Alpenstrasse and the Gotthardstrasse, in accordance with the result of the 2017 competition. WWZ AG is connecting the areas of the southern extension of the Bahnhofstrasse with Circulago via the Kantonsstrasse.

Changes to the traffic flow are to be expected again and again during the entire construction period, whereby every effort will be made to ensure that access to the properties and shops is guaranteed, and that as many traffic connections as possible can be maintained.