Rotkreuz, 06.12.2019

Consequences of the commotion at B-junior game

In a game between SV Adligenswil-Meggen and FC Rotkreuz on November 9, there were unsightly scenes on the sports field in Adligenswil (we reported). Spectators and parents of the players were also involved.

FC Rotkreuz made a protest after the match. In a statement, the football club said that its players had been assaulted on the field by opposing fans and the C-junior coach of Adligenswil. In a reply, the SV Adligenswil wrote that the events did not take place as described.

After viewing images and video footage, the Central Swiss Football Association announced its verdict on Thursday, reports The images showed that children who ran onto the field to celebrate after a goal by SV Adligenswil were attacked and knocked down by several Rotkreuz players, leading to a further involvement of the parents.

The score of the match will remain at 2: 1 for SV Adligenswil-Meggen. This means that the club is now definitely promoted to the next higher league as a climber. The C-junior coach of SV Adligenswil-Meggen, who was present as a spectator and physically attacked a player of FC Rotkreuz, will be penalised  The said coach has also been reported to the police by Rotkreuz family members.

Three players from the FC Rotkreuz team have been penalised for offenses before, during or after the game. One player receives a five-game-ban, there is a four-game ban for another player, and a three-game ban for the third player.

As writes, the current coach is ending his activities at FC Rotkreuz. The team also wrote on Instagram: "After rumours have been circulating throughout the club for some time regarding the individual officials, the current B-junior team of FC Rotkreuz is being dissolved in its present form due to internal incidents that are unacceptable for the juniors.