Root, 23.11.2022

Collision at dawn led to chaos in rush hour traffic

An accident involving several vehicles occurred on the A14 motorway from Lucerne in the direction of Zug on Tuesday morning,. One person was injured.

It took 50 minutes longer if you wanted to take the A14 motorway from Lucerne towards Zug on Tuesday morning. The reason was an accident just after the Root intersection. According to a statement from the Zug police, the accident occurred shortly before 7.15 a.m. when a 42-year-old driver realised too late that there was a traffic jam ahead of him. In order to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front, he had to brake hard, and thereby swerved onto the normal strip. The driver behind him, a 29-year-old man, couldn’t avoid a collision and crashed into the two cars in front of him, according to the police report.

A traffic accident involving  three cars occurred on the A14 motorway near Root on Tuesday morning.
The traffic had to be guided past the scene of the accident in a single lane             
Photos: Zug Police

The 42-year-old driver was injured and had to be taken to hospital for checks. Property damage amounted to CHF 30,000. Two of the three cars were no longer drivable and had to be towed away from the scene of the accident.

During the recording of the accident and the recovery of the vehicles, traffic had to be guided past the accident site on the hard shoulder. This led to traffic delays in the morning traffic in the direction of Zug. Employees of the Zug Rescue Service, the national road operating company Zentras, a private towing company and the Zug police were on duty.

Source: Zug Police