Zurich, 13.06.2024

Co-President of Zurich Pride criticises "Queers for Palestine"

The "Queers for Palestine" protest group wants to take part in Zurich Pride with two demonstration blocks, without registration. The organiser hopes that "Queers for Palestine" will not disrupt the event.

"Come to our two demo blocks with rainbow and Palestine flags," says the digital flyern sent out by "Queers for Palestine: No Pride in Genocide!" The protest group is calling on people to take part in the Zurich Pride parade on Saturday, 15 June, which is particularly annoying for the organisers of the event.

We will not be taken over
"There are enough demonstrations where you can take a stand on Middle East issues," says Jill Nussbaumer, Co-President of Zurich Pride, to the Zuger Zeitung newspaper. "We will not allow this interest group to take over our event for their concerns, instead of leaving the space to queer issues."

Jill Nussbaumer, Cantonal Councillor from the FDP Zug (Liberal party) and Co-President of Zurich Pride, is taking a stand: "We don't want an interest group to take over our event."                Photo: zvg

The high level of media interest surrounding the group is already seen as disruptive. "We are focussing on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The fact that a single group is attracting so much attention is not compatible with our interests." JIll Nussbaumer therefore finds clear words: "As an organisation, we stand for LBTIQ+ concerns and not for groups in the Middle East conflict." 

No official registration from "Queers for Palestine"
According to Nussbaumer, over 100 groups have registered for the demonstration. "Queers for Palestine" is not one of them. "We have neither received an official enquiry nor are we in contact with them. It is also completely unclear to us who is behind this protest group."

We are, of course, in contact with the police and will intervene at the weekend in the event of unlawful and violent behaviour. It is, however, not possible to issue a ban on participation in public spaces. Zurich Pride starts with a festival on Friday, 14 June, and ends on 15 June with a parade through the city on the Limmat. It will take place under the motto "Free in every respect".