Zug, 18.05.2021

Climate strike and action day to take place here too

Demonstrations will be held throughout Switzerland on 21 May in the name of the “Strike for Future” movement. The climate strike in Zug will present its demands to the canton as part of the Central Swiss Movement.

While the major demonstrations will take place in Lucerne, according to the press release of Klimastreik Zug, the focus is on an act of solidarity. On May 21, the Climate Strike Zug will distribute balloons in the shape of the Earth. Ten demands will to the canton of Zug for solidarity and ecological change will thereby be made visible by as many people as possible throughout the day.

Presence in the Postplatz
Climate Strike Zug will also be present with a small group in the Postplatz in the afternoon, and will talk to passers-by about its demands. “Zug urgently needs a change in solidarity and ecology: a low-tax policy that, to a large extent, indirectly profits from the exploitation of people and the environment, and actually promotes these, is 180° the wrong way to go," says Erich Schmidiger (22) in the communication. In recent years, we have experienced a wide range of crises that are becoming more acute and interrelated. The Strike for Future believes that institutional policy has failed to produce truly sustainable solutions so far, but has merely shifted the problems, and has thereby staggered from one crisis to the next. That’s why we are calling for this day of strikes and demonstrations.

At the same time, more than 160 local groups have been founded throughout Switzerland as part of the “Strike for Futures”, with some group also starting up in the districts and villages of Central Switzerland. According to the Strike for Futures website,  the local groups are intended to create a democratic space for participation, in which people can discuss their common future and make use of projects to change their environment.