Hünenberg, 25.05.2020

Church open to birds over Whit weekend

On the occasion of its 45th anniversary, the parish of Hünenberg has come up with something special.

The village centre In Hünenberg is currently being expanded, and there should be a big celebration for its inauguration – as also happened 45 years ago: the Community Centre with the Heirisaal and the first church at the centre of the village was officially opened In 1975. The church is therefore comparatively young. In the centuries before, the people of Hünenberg attended mass in the hamlet of St. Wolfgang or in the neighbouring municipality of Cham.

The organisers of the Hünenberg of Heilig Geist parish (Holy Spirit parish) have taken the opportunity to celebrate the 45th anniversary this year, and to celebrate Pentecost Sunday / Whitsun with an unusual action. Under the motto "Kirche anders (Church differently)", they will hold an open day in the parish church on 31 May, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. "With inspiring texts, images and music" you can experience Pentecost in many ways on this occasion, writes the parish in a statement.

The Heilig Geist church in Hünenberg was consecrated 45 years ago

To the chagrin of the organisers, the anniversary motto, which has been determined well in advance, now has a special significance due to the corona situation. In addition to the parish jubilee, there will therefore also be a Pentecost celebration that will deviate from the usual procedure. There will probably be no divine services. And the prescribed protective measures had to be taken into account with regard to the Open Day. According to those responsible, these measures will be complied with through "free coming and going".

Anyone can participate in the art of Origami
The organisers themselves are responsible for the most obvious special feature, however: from next Tuesday evening, more than a thousand paper birds will float on a net above the altar area. Most of them come from the artist Mirei Tanaka Lingg, whose folding art (origami) was exhibited at the Cham Kunstkubus (art cube) at the beginning of the year. Tanaka's works are supplemented by cranes and pigeons folded by parishioners, the statement continued. Moreover, anyone can contribute to this (see note). The birds in the Church are to serve to incorporate the saying "God's Spirit can inspire".

In a way, this will be a contrast to this holiday period. For Pentecost celebrates something that did not leave the world, but reached it: the Apostles received the Holy Spirit, 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus. They then began to spread the Christian faith around the world.

On Wednesday, May 27, from 5 to 7 p.m., and on Saturday, May 30, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the parish of Hünenberg offers the possibility to fold a bird in the church under guidance. If you want to try your hand earlier, you will find materials and guidance in the church.