Riding, 22.05.2024

Christoph Könemann narrowly misses out on home victory

As in the previous year, Rodrigo Sampaio Peixoto won the Grand Prix over 150 centimetres at the Show Jumping competition in Zug. Local hero Christoph Könemann came second.

The weather gods rewarded the organisers of the Zug Show Jumping competition (Zuger Springkonkurrenz) for their efforts, and the sun shone brightly on Whit Monday, attracting numerous spectators to the Stierenmarkt area in Zug. The highlight this year was once again a show jumping competition over 150 centimetres - and it was a tough one.

Martin Fuchs (from Wängi, Canton Thurgau), the 2019 European Champion, said: "The height was correct, as it should be. But the time was too tight, two or even three seconds. With a slow horse, you had almost no chance. Bastille is a very fast horse, but I still had to keep up."

Rodrigo Sampaio Peixoto (from Alikon, Canton Aargau) was annoyed when he saw the scoreboard showing 0.25 points for exceeding the time limit after his ride with Quiet Please II: "I was annoyed because I had the feeling that Quiet could win the GP. But fate was kind to me, and gave me the chance to repeat my victory from last year." The fourth-last starter, Christoph Könemann (Steinhausen) on Kamilla D, also finished with 0.25 points. Laura Hunziker (Reinach, Canton Aargau), the penultimate starter, also showed a great round, but received 0.5 points with Notorius Z. The rider was still delighted with third place at her third joint start over the height, however.

Lovisa Stintzing (Gerlafingen, Canton Solothurn) on Coco Chanell III finished in fourth place with 0.75 points, ahead of Beat Grandjean (Cordast, Canton Fribourg) and Ernie III, who had 2.25 points to their name.

Christoph Könemann on Kamilla D            Photo: Kirstin Burr

Martin Fuchs on Commissar Pezi was the fastest, with one knockdown. "Pezi tried extremely hard in the triple combination, but I then underestimated the subsequent ox fence. He now has a week's break before we go to St. Gallen," explained the championship rider. He finished in 10th place with Bastille and admitted  his mistake here: "She had a break and was a bit wild. I had trouble controlling her and rode badly towards the triple barre. I was too close and she had no chance."

"I had to pay for that today"
Sampaio Peixoto opened the deciding round, and produced a clean round. He was not satisfied afterwards: "I know that Christoph Könemann is fast. I lost time from jump one to two, and on the last jump. That's why I thought it wasn't enough." Zug is like a home tournament for him, and he therefore takes the tournament very seriously.

He started in Zug on Saturday after competing in a Nations Cup in the Netherlands for Portugal on Friday, and was rewarded with a victory in the competition over 135 centimetres.

Christoph Könemann got off to a fast start in the jump-off, but a pole fell at the start of the combination, and, to protect his horse, he decided not to finish the course. "I gave it a go, but Kamilla was tired. She had already jumped two rounds on Saturday, so I had to pay for that today. I simply should have ridden faster in the round," said Tina Pol's rider, and added: "It's nice here, I always enjoy riding in Zug."

The "Grand Prix of Zug" took place on Saturday. 18 pairs had qualified for the jump-off, but three decided not to start again. Eva Gautschi (Aeugst am Albis) was the first to start with Hayden, setting a mark that all the others had to beat. Evelyne Bussmann (Ersigen, Canton Bern) came closest to her time with Virtuoso Semilly.

Thanks to Christophe Könemann, there was also a place on the podium for Zug in this competition. In the 140-centimetre competition, he was only beaten by Eva Gautschi on Fortjump du Beaumenil. Andreas Hugener (Oberägeri) also took second place in the jumping competition over the same height with Iron Sky, which was won by Sampaio Peixoto with Joriena.

Seven pairs competed for the medals in the Central Switzerland Championships. In the end, Thomas Buholzer (Eschenbach, Canton St. Gallen) took gold with Chardonnay vom Schösslihof, ahead of Anja Sanchez (Ettiswil, Canton Lucerne) and Adi von Euw (Rothenthurm,Canton Lucerne).