Central Switzerland, 27.03.2020

"Caution, corona fraudsters": criminals using the crisis to steal money from seniors

Criminals are currently sending out e-mails that claim to have been sent by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG Bundesamt für Gesundheit). If you open the attachments or links of the emails - which supposedly contain current numbers and information about the corona virus - your computer becomes infected with malware. The Central Switzerland police corps have been warning about this on Wednesday.

The fraudsters also do not shy away from the phone: they pretend to be doctors or members of the local authorities, and try to persuade their victim to organise cash amounts for corona treatment. Thse cash amounts should then be handed over to the "health personnel" who will call at the house later, or have to be deposited in a specific location. Other fraudsters seem to be interested in whether the victim may have been in contact with infected people - and casually ask questions about bank details.

Disinfectants, protective masks, fever knives or rapid corona tests are also being offered in fake shops. Despite payment being , the goods are never delivered.

How to protect yourself:


For further information:

Zug police                               041 728 41 25

Lucerne police                        041 248 80 11
Cantonal police Nidwalden    041 618 44 66
Cantonal police Obwalden     041 666 65 00
Cantonal police Schwyz          041 819 28 19
Cantonal police Uri                041 875 28 28