City of Zug, 06.03.2023

Cause of car park fire one year ago clarified

The fire in an underground car park in the city of Zug in February 2022 was caused deliberately. The Zug Police have identified a suspect, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A fire broke out in an underground car park on the Industriestrasse in the city of Zug on 18 February 2022, and a large contingent of rescue workers had to be deployed (we reported om 12 February 2022). The building, the shops on the ground floor and the vehicles parked in the underground car park suffered total damage of around CHF 1.3 million.

A large contingent of rescue workers and firefighters were deployed       Photo: Zug Police:

Extensive investigations by the forensic service of the Zug police and the Forensic Institute Zurich (FOR) revealed that the fire had been started deliberately. A man who was suspected of the crime has been identified thanks to the analysis of the evidence and further investigations by the criminal investigation department, and the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug has now issued a warrant for his arrest.

Source: Zug police