City of Zug, 16.05.2024

Catholic church parish accounts close with a surplus

The Roman Catholic Parish of Zug has closed its annual accounts for 2023 with a surplus of CHF 5.9 million.

This is based on income of just under CHF 25 million and expenses of around CHF 19 million, as the parish writes in a press release. The surplus is therefore significantly higher than the originally budgeted result of CHF 89,000.

The main reason for this is extraordinarily high church tax income (Kirchensteuer) from legal entities, according to the statement. Income from natural persons also increased slightly, from around CHF 4.5 million to just under CHF 4.7 million. This was despite the above-average number of people resigning from the church following the recent abuse study.

Several figures had to be removed from St Oswald's Church In January      Photo: Maria Schmid

According to the parish, CHF 2.5 million of the surplus will be invested in the urgently needed renovation of the St Michael's and St Oswald's churches. Last December, a figure on the façade of the St Oswald's church fell onto the forecourt.

A further CHF 2 million is to be used for subsidised housing and CHF 500,000 for social projects. The decision will be made at the Parish Assembly at 7.30 p.m. on 10 June in the Gut Hirt church in Zug.