Oberägeri, 31.03.2020

Cashless parking now possible

Finding a coin for the parking machine is now history in Oberägeri: From now on, the parking fee can be paid cashlessly using three different apps.

In addition to the standard parking meters, the municipality of Oberägeri is launching three digital options for paying parking fees, as the municipality announced on Monday, March 30. It relies on two proven and widely used parking meter apps: Parkingpay and EasyPark. And Twint can also be used.

With these two well-used parking apps, you don’t need to go to the parking meter. You simply have to load money to the vehicle number plate and your user profile when registering free of charge With Parkingpay and EasyPark. Using the geo-location system, the apps recognise the parking space in which you are located. The user then only has to start the parking process and set the parking time. If you return before the set parking time, the parking process can be stopped. The parking time is then precisely determined and the corresponding fee is deducted from the user profile.

Photo 1: Cashless parking is now possible in Oberägeri.
Photo 2: The vending machines in Oberägeri list the options for cashless parking.

For systems with a barrier, such as the Ägeribad car park or the Hofmatt car park, it’s possible to order a free badge using the app. This can also be used for other installations across Switzerland. The municipality is also checking whether parking cards for long-term parking can also be recorded digitally in the future.

The Oberägeri Corporation will also be using cashless parking in the future, and are introducing digital parking lot management at the same time as the local community (Einwohnergemeinde). Parking space users can also pay using the apps at the Raten and Seeplatz car parks.

“In today's age, digitisation is a widespread topic. With the introduction of digital parking lot management, we are meeting a social desire to obtain services electronically whenever possible. you can, of course, continue to pay with coins in the managed parking lots” said the responsible councillor Beat Wyss in the media release.