Zug/Baar, 31.05.2021

Cars no longer allowed to drive from Loreto to Arbach and vice versa

This traffic management measure as a part of the Tangente Zug/Baar will take effect about a month earlier than the Tangente itself becomes available to the public.

As part of the Tangente Zug/Baar project, this accompanying measure has been built at the confluence of the Göblistrasse and the Alte Baarerstrasse in Zug. The so-called Arbach traffic barrier (Verkehrsriegel Arbach) will start operating in the course of the afternoon on 31 May, according to a statement from the Cantonal Construction Directorate.

This means that, from then on, there will be a ban on driving on the road between Lüssi/Loreto (city of Zug) and Arbach (municipality of Baar), in both directions. Vehicles from both directions will be diverted via the Göblistrasse. The bus and bicycle traffic are excluded from the above-mentioned driving ban.

The new installation on the Alte Baarerstrasse
Photo: Construction Directorate/PD

According to the Construction Directorate, this measure was part of the public planning edition of the Tangente Zug/Baar project in 2012, and was legally approved in 2014. It is intended to prevent the through-traffic in Arbach between Inwil and Zug.