Neuheim, 17.01.2020

Car burns out completely

On Wednesday evening, 15 January, a car with a goods transport trailer was travelling on the Baarerstrasse in the direction of Neuheim shortly after 7.30 p.m. For reasons that are still to be clarified, smoke suddenly started escaping from the engine compartment shortly before entering Neuheim, and the car then burst into fire, according to information from the Zug law enforcement authorities. The two occupants were able to leave the vehicle in time. The goods transport trailer, which was loaded with wood, remained intact. Property damage amounts to around CHF 50,000.

For reasons that have not yet been clarified, a car caught fire shortly before the Neuheim.

The forensic service of the Zug police was called in to secure the evidence, and the cause of the fire is still the subject of ongoing investigations, the report says. A technical cause is the main suspect. The road between Neuheim and Baar was temporarily closed, and opened again after the extinguishing work was completed. Members of the Baar and Neuheim fire brigades, as well as employees of two towing companies and the Zug police were deployed.