Zug, 02.06.2021

Cantonal Bank opens an experience platform in the Freiruum

The Zug Cantonal Bank is committed to promoting diversity and events in Zug, and the bank is now opening an experience platform for the local population in the Freiruum in Zug. The ‘Zuger Living Room’ invites you to linger, but also offers a lot of interesting facts about the canton of Zug.

The Freiruum in Zug has developed into a popular meeting place. According to its press release, the Zug Cantonal Bank has now set up the ‘Zuger Living Room’ in the Freiruum, on an area of around 150 square metres. It consists of four different rooms, which are open to all visitors during the opening hours of the Freiruum.

One room – one theme
Each room is dedicated to a specific theme: the Zug landscape is presented, and there are stories to be discovered about known and unknown Zug residents. One room shows the extensive club landscape of the canton of Zug, and colourful illustrations of Zug delicacies provide a culinary inspiration. There is another room within the Zug Living Room that has been set up by the Zug Cantonal Bank for creative meetings and for internal exchange. According to the press release from the bank, this room is intended exclusively for its own employees.

The Zug Nature room
Image: PD

Swing for relaxation
A swing In the garden of the Freiruum invites you to relax and linger. It symbolises "My favourite place in Zug" and is intended to encourage visitors to share their insider tips about the most beautiful places in Zug.

Local materials and local craftsmen
In converting the rooms, the Zug Cantonal Bank has made use of local craftsmen and local materials. The wood for the tables, for example, comes from wooded areas in Zug, and were manufactured by the Zug Corporation.